Reviews and Testimonials

Riveting Style and Authentic Voice

"Eller's style is riveting; the pacing of the novel [In the Interest of Justice] is like the pounding of the racing heart. The plot flows like adrenaline . . . . Eller chooses to write from a unique point of view of the two main characters; this approach provides both objective and subjective insight into each character. As a practicing attorney himself, Eller borrows generously from his vast knowledge of the legal system.  His position as a lawyer lends an authentic and credible voice to the novel and offers an inside angle on the intrigue of the courtroom. " -Esther Pierce, Minnesota Literature 

A Roller Coaster Ride

"St. Cloud-area defense attorney Daniel Eller takes readers on a roller coaster ride in his new novel, In the Interest of Justice. Through the plot's many twists and turns, female attorney Jackie Geroux battles for justice while enduring jibes and leers from the 'good ol' boy' legal system of St. Cloud, circa 1986 . . . . In the Interest of Justice  gives vivid glimpses of St. Cloud - its bars, restaraunts, streets, courthouse and even its extreme weather changes. Long-time residents of the city will recognize it all very well, even the places whose names Eller has changed. The story is told largely through dialogue that snaps, crackles and pops . . . . Despite the grim nature of the subject matter, the novel sparkles frquently with humor . . . . After so many years on the legal scene, Eller's head is filled with countless true stories and fascinating odds and ends of courtroom cases. He lets those memories surface to simmer in the spell of his imagination." -Dennis Dallman, The Waite Park Newsleader 

Very Interesting Read and Highly Recommended

"I was really impressed with this novel, the second from lawyer Dan Eller. It is a very interesting and quick read. The point-of-view switches back and forth by chapter between Noah(an aging criminal defense attorney)and Jackie(his feisty young protege). What's most interesting about Jackie is that she's trying her hand at a profession where there are few women (the book takes place in small-town Minnesota in the early 1980's). Not only is she dealing with chauvinistic attitudes, she's also dealing with cases involving sex crimes and violence against women. So as not to ruin it for other readers I won't go into any detail about the twists and turns in the plot, but of these there are many! This is again a fascinating look into the workings of the legal system, just like Rogues' Gallery (Eller's first novel). Eller creates some really lively characters and gives them backgrounds and interests that make the small town Minnesota setting quite vivid. Highly recommended!" - Mightyreader (Review of In the Interest of Justice from 

Authentic Story and Gripping Narrative

"I read In the Interest of Justice on a five and a half hour flight back to Seattle. I am impressed with the authenticity of the story and found the narrative gripping.  Dan Eller is a writer . . . . Here's what I found to be very clever: Eller used a woman protaginist! BRAVO. He can write the opposite sex, which is not easy . . . . Thank you for the great read." -Mike

A Pleasure to Read

"Wow! I just finished Rogue's Gallery. I loved it. What a pleasure to read . . . . I love mysteries and all of Eller's legal expertise made this one very interesting and even educational . . . . I will keep watching this site for the next book. Eller is a great writer." -Gary 

Wonderfully Written

"There are so many people here [at my place of work] who have read the book [In the Interest of Justice], all feeling it has been wonderfully written. Now I need to have a copy of my own!" -Fran

Look Forward to Future Releases

"As a resident of St. Cloud it is very easy to follow each attorney as they go through their daily demands and find complex facts on their client. Mr. Eller has built each character solidly, giving us the sense of knowing people in the community with similar backgrounds. I look forward to future releases continuing the character of Jackie Geroux." - S.L.K. 

Hooked by Page 10

"Rogues' Gallery  by St. Cloud, Minnesota author and attorney Daniel Eller was a joy and a pleasure to read. I picked it up because I loved the cover of the book, a single white horse on a black background with red print.  I didn't know what to expect when I started to read; but, by the time I was on page10, I was hooked. I couldn't put it down. I found myself looking for bits of time in my work day to go back to reading. I finished it in three days . . . . The book is well-written and exciting, with many twists and turns as the story progresses. There is some sex and violence peppered throughout the novel for those who prefer that, but it is not so graphic that it would be offensive to even the most prudent readers.  The story could only have been written by an attorney . . . . The ending is a complete shock but not a surprise and wonderfully accomplished by author Daniel Eller. " - Marilyn 

As Entertaining as James Patterson

"Dan Eller writes fabulous books, especially for local readers. Mr. Eller should consider writing full-time; his books are as entertaining as James Patterson's." - Auggie 

Buy This Book!

"Great book. I liked [Rogue's Gallery] because of the local names and places it evoked. It was also very interesting to read a story like this written by a lawyer--an "inside" guy. If you're interested in true crime and the way the legal system works--buy this book!" - Mighty Reader

Excellent Book!

"Excellent book! I could hardly put [Rogue's Gallery] down. Very interesting the way he ties his characters together."  - A.M.G.

Couldn't Put it Down

"Thank you for the terrific read! I loved the story.  Actually, I couldn't put [In the Interest of Justice] down. I am excited to pass this book along to my friends who also love murder mysteries. [Dan Eller] is obviously talented and truly a great writer." - Mary B.

Another Extremely Well-Written Story

Rogue's Gallery had me in so many twists and turns, I was racing through to get to the end! Another extremely well-written story that was so much fun to read and had a great ending. While I know very little of St. Cloud, I get the metro parts. [Dan Eller] is a gifted writer." - Mary B. 

Very Interesting and Entertaining Look at the Legal Field!

I found In the Heat of Passion to be a very interesting and entertaining look at the legal field.  Being from the area myself, I really enjoyed the setting and the insights into the local legal system. You get a behind-the-scenes look at things from an extremely distinguished attorney who has been practicing in the area for a long time. Of course, this is a work of fiction--but you know Eller brings his experience to it!" - Randall S. 

It was so good, I started reading it all over again!

"I just finished reading In the Heat of Passion. Wow!  As a matter of fact,  it was so good I started reading it all over again! The characters were wonderful and the seat." - Mary B.